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We are natives of Long Island and have been serving our home counties for over 10 years.  With hundreds of satisfied customers we are sure that you will be happy with our services.  We pride ourselves on the professionalism of our work and strive to offer competitive pricing.

We know money doesn’t grow on trees, so we strive to provide affordable services to our customers.  Each and every job is different, so please contact us for a free customized quote for your specific needs.  Our experts will be happy to discuss your situation and provide feedback and a cost estimate.

Services Offered

We offer a full range of tree services including tree pruning and trimming, tree stump grinding, tree topping, commercial as well as residential services.  Additionally we can also provide land and roof clearing, elevating services (removal of lower limbs and branches to provide for additional height to clear roofs/buildings) and storm damage cleanup.

All of these services are provided with customer satisfaction and safety as our #1 priority.

In addition, we provide a full cleanup for all services to leave your property spotless.  You will hardly know we were there (except of course for your expertly serviced trees!)

See a detailed description of our services below:

Tree Takedown/Removal

We love trees and we know they are a vital part of our environment, but sometimes it becomes necessary to remove a tree from your property.  It may be because of disease or rot, or a storm that has damaged or made the tree unstable, or many other reasons.

If you suspect your tree is sick, dead or otherwise at risk of falling/collapse, our trained Arborists will give a professional opinion on the health and viability of your tree before we decide on removal.  Ideally we like to remove trees only when absolutely necessary, but we can also accommodate changes in property lines, new developments, and other customer needs.

Whatever the need, we provide expert removal services, utilizing a bucket truck and experienced tree climbers when necessary.  We dispose of the tree efficiently and with as little impact on your landscape as possible. After everything is completed we will leave your property as good as new, removing any and all clutter or debris caused by the downed tree.

Emergency Tree Removal

If you believe a tree is at risk of falling immediately, the first thing you need to do is move all your family out of range of the tree.  If it is on public land, consider calling 911 or your local authorities and inform them of the issue.  If the tree has already fallen and is on your property, you can then contact us and we can take care it for you.

Contact us immediately if you have emergency tree service needs, such as a storm-damaged tree, lightening strike, fallen trees, broken branches, etc.  These types of problems cannot always be prevented but we can service them as fast as possible to get you back to normal.

Tree Trimming and Pruning (Elevation)

Sometimes it’s not necessary to get rid of a tree completely, but only necessary to remove certain branches or limbs from a tree.  Some common examples of this are possible interference with power lines, growth into a landscape or household (windows/etc), or excessive tree clutter.  Removing the bottom portion of branches/limbs can provide an “elevation” of the tree above such obstacles as power lines/etc.  Pruning and trimming of branches can reduce clutter and potential for fallen limps in the stormy seasons.

Our experienced arborists can provide a free evaluation and estimate for a tree trimming or pruning service if you fill out this form.  Please try to include a photo of the specific tree so we can provide our best estimate.

Stump Grinding

Tree stumps can be unsightly and obtrusive addition to your landscape or yard.  We can provide grinding services to grind that stump to below the ground level, allowing you to plant grass or cover with top soil and restore your yard to unblemished beauty.

A full removal of a stump is likely impossible.  Roots go very deep and it would be impossible to full extract them from your property.  The best alternative is simply to grind the tree stump down to below the ground soil.  It will have the same effect as a full extraction and will look as good as new.

Special considerations have to be made for underground piping, water lines and power lines, but we can handle all that for you.  Our expert professionals have years of experience with all manner of property and will take all this into consideration when performing your service.

Contact us with your specific needs and we can discuss a time and place to get that stump out of your yard!

Land Clearing

Clearing your backyard or landscape for a new installation (such as a pool, new yard, sports courts or a new building) can be a pain in the neck for an individual home owner.  We are experts at this and can provide you with the best possible solution to your problem.

Our expert arborists well provide the analysis needed to determine the best way to clear land.  This is often a trick process, especially when there are homes and structures closely surrounding the trees.  You should not rely on an amateur to fell any trees on your property, as this can have potentially disastrous outcomes if done incorrectly.

A licensed and trained expert tree professional is the only choice for this type of matter, and we have professionals on call to assist with your problems.  We can provide tree takedowns along with land clearing to make way for your new structure or whatever else you have planned for your property.

Wood Chipping and Mulching

If you have large or small debris from trees or brush and it’s cluttering up your property, call us today and we can take care of it immediately.  Our expert team along with our industrial strength equipment will have no problem tackling your wood chipping needs.

Additionally we can also provide mulching services, which turn your fallen tree into useful mulch for use in gardens and backyard displays.  We also sell mulch and firewood at large scale, so if you have any needs for that, please let us know.

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