Storm Damage Fallen Tree in Need of Emergency RemovalOur expert team is ready to respond in the event of an unfortunate emergency fallen tree or storm damage.  It is important to attend to a fallen tree as soon as possible to avoid any potential dangerous conditions and insure the safety of your property and person.  Our expert team can handle all types of downed tree scenarios, so please contact us as soon as you can.

If you require emergency tree removal services please don’t hesitate to contact us.  We can provide you with a free quote and immediate assistance with your needs.  We look forward to assisting you today!

We serve all of Long Island, NY including Suffolk County, Nassau County, Brooklyn (Kings) County and Queens County.  We also serve Manhattan and the greater NYC area.  If you have any further questions please contact us immediately.

Storm damage, lightening strikes or just an unfortunate fallen tree can all lead to dangerous conditions for your home or office and should be taken care of immediately.  We are expert arborists with years of experience handling downed trees, storm damage, lightening strikes and even flood damaged trees.

Long Island has a High Rate of Fallen Trees

Many Long Islander’s homes are surrounded by big, tall and beautiful trees, many that are near a century old!  This is a gorgeous and picturesque setting, but it can become dangerous very quickly.  When storms, hurricanes, floods and lightning strikes occur in arboreal areas, fallen trees and broken branches are often the result.  These can post a severe threat to the residents of those homes and should be addressed immediately.

What To Do if a Tree Falls on Your Property

If you are the victim of a downed tree on or near your home, please don’t approach it or try to investigate further.  Often times a powerline or other infrastructure may have come down with the tree (or could be threatening to come down).  For this reason it’s advisable to keep your distance and call for assistance before stepping outside.

Keep Your Distance

If possible, please stay inside your home.  Don’t try to investigate the fallen tree further.

Take a Picture

In order to help your local tree service or your local officials it helps to take a picture of the fallen tree and any surrounding areas.  Do this from inside your home or from a safe distance.

Call an Expert

If the fallen tree is on municipal property it may be necessary to call your local authorities to report the downed tree.  In addition if the tree has obviously taken down some power lines or other infrastructure, please call your local power company to report the incident.

If it has occurred on your property you will need to contact an expert tree removal service like Long Island Tree Removal.  Contact us with a picture and a short description of the situation and we can respond as soon as possible.

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