long-islandLong Island, NY is said to be the biggest island in the United States. It is actually too big for a one-day excursion. Stretching 118 miles from the mouth of Hudson River, the island is separated from the mainland by an estuary, known as the Long Island Sound. To the east of the island is the vast Atlantic Ocean.

The island’s terrain features low plateaus and glacial moraine ridges. The island separates into two forks on the eastern end. They are known as the North Fork and South Fork. Much of North Fork is composed of farmlands and bucolic landscapes. The southern fork is also known as The Hamptons, where luxury properties and classy Long Island hotel accommodations can be found.

Long Island is one of the favorite vacation destinations of people in New York. The good thing about the island is its proximity to New York, especially Manhattan. The closeness makes it easy for New Yorkers to travel during weekends just to unwind and relax. Traveling to Long Island only takes a short period of time, and there are various means of getting access to the island. One can get to the isle via air, sea, and land travel.

  • Four airports provide access points to the island. These are MacArthur Airport, John F. Kennedy International Airport, LaGuardia Airport, and Newark Liberty International Airport.
  • The Long Island Railroad provides access from Manhattan to various points in the island, too.
  • Several ferry services offer tours to the island from nearby cities. Examples include the Bridgeport and Port Jefferson Steamboat Company, Viking Fleet Ferry, North Ferry Company, and Davis Park Ferry.

Regular visitors are those people who are fascinated by the stark contrasts. For instance, the rural setting is broken by the luxury Long Island hotels and resorts. In the North Shores, the rural landscapes are mixed with expensive real estate properties. While bodies of water surround the island, much of the island gives an island feel.  Long Island is broken up into 4 counties, two of which are technically part of New York City (Queens and Kings Country).  Suffolk and Nassau county make up the legal boundaries of Long Island, NY.

You can only see the shores if you are near the coast. Speaking of coasts, Long Island teems with lovely beaches, which also lure tourists from adjacent cities. The fine shores of the Jones Beach and the long strip of beaches on Fire Island are famous.

When to Visit

The weather largely influences the decision whether or not to come to the island. The isle’s climate is similar to New York City’s climate, which is influenced by continental air masses. This gives the island distinct seasons. Summers are warm and humid while winters are cold and snowy. The island does not suffer from temperature extremes due to its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean. However, winters can still be harsh for most visitors. Usually, visitors come to the island during the warm months. The problem is that during the summer is when the number of tourists peak, so popular venues and accommodations become a little too crowded. This is why some visitors just visit the island sometime in the spring or autumn season, to avoid the crowd.