One of the best plant producing areas in New York is Long Island. There are different types of trees on Long Island, NY. With wide varieties of native trees this island looks really great and beautiful. You can see a lot of plants on roads, parks, house lawns etc. There are certain plants which are quite popular in the Long Island in New York. It can be perennials and grasses, vines and ferns as well as shrubs and woody trees. Some of the popular types of trees grown in Long Island of New York are as follows:

#1: Maple Trees

red-maple-treeOne of the most famous and common types of trees that is found in this island is the Maples. There are various types of maple trees that you can find. These are sugar maple, red maple, Norway Maple etc. The most common among all these types is the Red Maple. This tree can thrive in extreme weather conditions and usually does not require tree removal for many many years and usually will only require occasional trimming or pruning. These look really beautiful especially with the red leaves. This is one of the native trees in this island.

#2: Eastern Red Cedar

eastern-red-cedar-treeThis is an aromatic tree which is evergreen in nature. The mature form of this plant can vary from one to another. This tree usually grows 30 feet to 40 feet in height. These trees can even grow in drought condition, be it hold or cold. It is extremely resistant to extreme types. If you have an apple orchard then it can be proved to be injurious for it. The reason is that it can be a powerful host for a fungal disease named cedar-apple rust.

#3: Pitch Pine

pitch-pineThis is another popular tree that you can find in the Long Island. It will grow nearly about 40 to 70 feet in height depending on the different nature and varieties. These trees tend to wreak havoc during storms due to their large height and may often require emergency tree services during those times.  This is an evergreen tree with irregular, twisting, drooping and gnarled branches. The leaves are different from that of the normal trees and it looks like yellow-green needles and appear in clusters of three to four. Once it was a source from where you can get resin. It is suitable mainly for planting on the rocky soil which is dry.

#4: Marsh Blazing Star

marsh-blazing-star-decorative-treeThe marsh blazing star is one of the most native plants that grow in the Long Island of New York. It is a perennial plant that grows erect and slender. It generally reaches a maximum height of 3 to 4 feet. The grass like leaves and beautiful flowers make this a decorative plant. The feathery appearance of the flower looks beautiful.

So, these are some of the popular of trees on Long Island, NY that you can find. You can also buy them from the market online or offline to plant them. These trees can make the surroundings look beautiful. But each plant has a basic and specific need such as soil, climate etc that you have to be very careful about while buying or planting. The most beautiful among these four types is the Red Maple tree which is bright and vibrant in color.